Texas (Dallas Forth-Worth precisely) is notorious for its drastic weather changes recently. From waves that are almost biblical to tornadoes that strike in savage swarms!

Sometimes, you think your roof is firmly in place and can weather the high winds and rain but what you don’t know is that the roof could have been subjected to some slight or severe bruises due to the wind or rain occurrence. If you do not take timely action, you could risk spending much on repairs later on.

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How Bad is Roof Damage from Hail?

When hail hits your roof, the damages done are difficult to see at a mere glance. You will rarely see any indentations or holes that the hail caused but be assured that they are there.

It is believed that hail has to be the size of a golf ball before it can burst through your roofing materials. What you do not notice however is that the state of your shingles has been compromised even by the tiniest size of hail. The granules of your roof’s shingles may become loose and cause exposure of the asphalt underneath. This is just what your roof needs to be at risk of being destroyed sooner than expected.

How About Roof Damage from The Wind?

Strong winds such as the ones that happen in Texas can prove to be disastrous on the lifespan of your roof. If significant gusts of wind hit your roof, the structural joists can become loose, and if not, the decking might become damaged. When these happen, your roof is bound to leak when the rain comes. The water that leaks through your roof can lead to washing off of your paint or peeling off your wallpaper; the wooden parts may rot and be a breeding ground for pests, etc.

Just like the damage done by hail, the damage by wind may not be noticed easily. However, if you do not pay attention to your roof, the next storm that hits it may flood your house!

How to Check for Roof Damage from Hail and The Wind

As bad as roof damage can be, you need not to be so overworked about it as we are here to help you with that burden.

At Maximum Construction and Restoration, we take on the responsibility of looking out for and identifying any and every hidden damage done to your roof by winds and hailstorms. Since the beginning of the problem is identifying the hidden roofing damage, we will help you with that to take preventive measures to avoid further damage as you the previous ones are being fixed.

However, if you notice any signs of damage such as leaks in any part of the roof, damage to your vents, or storm damage to your fence or gutters (which also portrays some extent of roof damage), it is expedient that you pay attention to it.

However, some damages aren’t noticeable from the ground except you get on to the roof. Texas’ weather isn’t roof-friendly and to ensure that your roof and hence your house is safe, visit Maximum Construction and Restoration and let our specialist help you uncover hidden damages to file insurance claims on time.

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