Roof Repairs & Replacements

Are you concerned that your roofing system might be in need or repair or replacement? Is it nearing the end of its life cycle?

Perhaps there was a recent storm and you want to see if any damage was caused. We always suggest that you do not go up on your roof yourself. It is best to have a professional like Maximum Construction & Restoration inspect your roof.

Don't hesitate or linger on getting a roof inspection because the longer you wait, the worse the damage or leaks can get if left unchecked and repaired. Save yourself costly repairs down the road by having a full roof inspection done today.

During an inspection, one of our professional roofers will climb the roof and compile a detailed report as well as document the overall condition of your roof system. We will check various components as well like:

  • Roof Flashings
  • Roof vents or ventilation systems
  • Skylight and Skylight Flashings
  • Chimney and Chimney Flashings
  • Plumbing & Pipe Vents
  • HVAC stacks
  • Dryer and/or kitchen vents
  • Gutters and more!

Call us today at (469) 595-6059 so we can get you a full detailed and thorough inspection. We offer inspections for both residential and commercial roofing.